Product Code: CK-2000 car antenna multi band 3.5/7/10/14/21/24/28/50MHz
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Parameter introduction:

Model: CK2000

Type: Short-wave radio multi-band car mobile antenna

Product features: adjustable frequency range

Frequency Range:3.5/7/10/14/21/24/28/50MHz

Impedance: 50 ohms

SWR: <1.5

Power support: 200W

Full length: MIN: 118CM MAX: 162CM

Weight: 480g

Note on installing CK2000:

1. If installed at the height of the base station, it should be at least six stories high, 

at least 2 meters above the ground of the installation platform, and no height building 200 

meters away.

2.If installed in the car. Please connect the ground wire and the feeder skin and metal 

parts close to the car body to build the car ground network system.

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