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Thank you for purchasing WINDCAMP's Gipsy Coil Dipole Antenna. It's a full-sized DIPOLE half-wavelength horizontal dipole antenna specially designed for Field Day, and can be erected in horizontal, inverse V, cable-stayed or even vertical ways. The resonant frequency can be flexibly changed in the range of 5-50MHz by rolling the irradiator on the reel. In addition, 9 amateur radio bands 5/7/10/14/18/21/24/28(29) /50MHz are marked as resonance points on the irradiator to facilitate fast and accurate switching of working frequencies.

Frequency: 5-50MHz Continuously adjustable

SWR: ≤1.5

Impedance: 50 Ohm

Power: 100W PEP

Irradiator: 18AWG

Outlet: SL-16 (M)

Balun Type: 1:1

Work Length: 50MHz - 2.1meter、28(29)MHz - 4.2meter24MHz - 5meter21MHz  - 6.2meter18MHz - 7.4meter14MHz - 9.4meter10MHz - 13.4meter7MHz - 19.4meter5MHz  - 25.8meterTotal length left and right

Package Size: 75×75×130 (WDH,mm)

Weight: 0.65kg

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