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This vest is suitable for HAM, journalists, commercial performances, photography enthusiasts, and other clubs. It is convenient for you to carry your camera, walkie-talkie and other personal belongings. It is very suitable for taking part in field activities, party wear and other activities, which can reflect your team spirit. It is recommended that local club group purchases have preferential gifts. The burly friends are no problem wearing them, and they are more handsome. It is suitable for a wide range of sizes and is easy to add to other clothes. Made from quick-drying waterproof fabric.

【Product features】

【】It is suitable for wearing all the year round. It is a reporter, photo friend, commercial performance, society, outdoor necessities.

【】 foreign trade nylon quick-drying fabric, fine manual ultra low price

【】 breathable mesh design, beautiful

【】Sweat, water, dry, breathable, comfortable

【】Multi-bag design, easy to carry carry-on items such as hand when traveling, zipper is durable

【】vest back can be combined into a wire mesh, which can be breathable

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