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     12V adjustable up and down the switching power supply, enough power 360W 30A output. Voltage 10-14V adjustable, can be stable regulation 13.8V suitable for Ham radio enthusiasts used in "shortwave" power of the base station communication. Car metal air pump can be driven around 30A car transmitter units, car audio, subwoofer, LED display, and surveillance equipment, who 12V/30A/360W appliances can be driven, intelligent built-in overcurrent and overvoltage protection circuit cooling fan starts automatically at high temperatures. The output terminal of the 3-way, 30A current load does not exceed the mass for the use of multiple devices. The power supply is applicable to a wide range of safe and reliable, and inexpensive.

Value adjustable cost shortwave, repeaters, base station communication, power supply 12V 30A switching power supply DC

output voltage12V ± 2V adjustable

Output voltage tolerance (Note 2)

± 1%

Rated output current


Output current range


Ripple and noise (Note 3)


Line Regulation (Note 4)

± 0.5%

Load stability (Note 5)

± 0.5%

DC output power




Input voltage range

90 ~ 132VAC/180 ~ 264VAC BY SWITCH 47 ~ 63Hz; 248 ~ 370VDC

Input current

6.5A/115V 4A/230V

Impact of current

25A/115V 50A/230V

Leakage current


Overload protection

AC switch recovery

Overvoltage protection


High temperature protection

RTH3> = 65 ° C FAN ON <= 55 ° C the FAN OFF> = 80 ° C output cut (5 ~~ 15V)

RTH3> = 70 ° C FAN ON <= 60 ° C the FAN OFF> = 85 ° C output cut (24 ~~ 48V)

Temperature Coefficient

± 0.03% ℃ (0-50 ℃)

The start rising maintain time

200ms 50ms 20ms


10 ~ 500Hz, 2G 10min. / 1 ??cycle, when 60 minutes long, EACH AXES

Pressure resistance

Input and output: 1.5KVAC, Input and enclosure: 1.5KVAC output shell: 0.5KVAC

Impact of current

Cold-start current 35A/115V 60A/230V

Leakage current


Overload protection

105-135% AC switch recovery

Temperature Coefficient

± 0.03% ℃ (0 ~ 50 ℃)

Start, rise, hold time

200ms, 100ms, 30ms


10 ~ 500Hz, 2G 10min. / 1 ??cycle, when 60 minutes in length, each axis

Pressure resistance

Input and output: 1.5KVAC, Input and enclosure: 1.5KVAC output shell: 0.5KVAC

Isolation resistance

Between input and output, input and enclosure, Output and enclosure: 500VAC/100M Ohms

Operating temperature and humidity

-10 ℃ ~ +60 ℃, 20% ~ 90% RH

Storage temperature, temperature

-20 ℃ ~ +85 ℃, 10% ~ 95RH


200 * 112 * 49mm



Safety standards

Meet UL1012 requirements

Note: The above parameters test conditions: 230VAC input, rated load, 25 ℃ 70% RH. Humidity.

1, Tolerance: includes set up tolerance, line stability and load stability (Note 5).

2, the ripple test: 20MHz with A12 "twisted pair, interrupted with 0.1uF & 47uF capacitor short-circuit.

3, the line voltage stability test: full load into the line to the highest voltage minimum voltage.

4, load stability test: The load is from 0% to 100%.

5, through the power next to the former terminal potentiometer according to the demand for electricity, proper voltage regulation

Note: Cables are not included by default

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