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        Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a new type of radio broadcast communication technology based on software definition.The wireless communication protocol is implemented not by hardwired. Band, air interface protocols and features can be upgraded through software downloads and updates without replace the hardware completely.

       100KHz-1.7GHz full-band RTL-SDR receiver, can be connected to computers, Android phones and other devices using SDR software to receive 100KHz-1.7GHz electromagnetic waves support AM, FM (NFM, WFM), CW, DSB, LSB, USB demodulation. Can listen to medium wave, short wave, FM wide broadcast, short-wave single-sideband communication, walkie-talkie call, aviation band, etc. (New detection of mute function, CTCSS, DCS, frequency sweeper, digital signal, automatic scanning, etc

       Product advantages: The medium and short wave directly inputs the signal received by the antenna to the digital-to-analog conversion chip, which perfectly solves the letter brought by the inverter.noise, waveform clutter, frequency offset, etc., the sensitivity is improved, and the waveform display is clear and perfect, and the resolution is the actual frequency.

Introduction  parameters:

Frequency range: 100KHZ-1.7GHZ

Supported frequency bands: medium wave, short wave, ultra short wave, etc.

Demodulation method: AM/FM/SSB/CW, etc.

Voltage range: USB DC 5V

Support computer system: WINDOWS series / LINUX, OSX, etc.

ADC digits: 8bit

Maximum bandwidth: 3.2MHZ


The frequency receiving section is specifically introduced:

FM radio: 87MHZ-108MHZ WFM system

Middle Broadcasting: 526.5KHZ-1606.5KHZ, AM

Shortwave broadcast: 3MHZ-30MHZ, AM

Airport Tower: 118MHZ-135.975MHZ, AM

UV walkie-talkie: VHF system NFM VHF system NFM

Amateur radio station: 10MHZ below common LSB, 10MHZ or more common USB mode.

Ultrashort wave radio: generally use NFM standard, frequency 50-54MHZ, 144-148MHZ, 430-440MHZ

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