Product Code: SARK100 Antenna Analyzer HF band ham radio
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Antenna Analyzer SARK100

HF short wave frequency test range: 1--60MHZ

LCD screen display: frequency, standing wave, impedance, etc.

Note: Support analysis of test data waveform with USD data cable and computer connection, 

no connection cable by default

Size: 91x53x25mm

Weight: 300g

Working electric current: 500--700MA

Test end connector: M female (usually the same connector as short wave radio, no adapter required)

Power: 12V 2A(default does not contain power,user needs to match)

Battery: 8 section 5th battery pack (default does not contain battery and box, user needs to match, it is recommended to self-fit battery pack 9.6V)

Note1: The spot antenna base is SL-16 (M seat), the buttons are round, and the electronic version of the manual is required to contact the seller separately.

Note2:This product does not include a power supply and a battery by default. Buyers can press the battery or connect to an external power supply.

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