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1Product introduction

MORSE CODE LEARNER Morse code learning device includes a variety of functions, the characteristics of the humanized design is very convenient for users to operate. Not only for the individual learning Morse telegraph, It can also be used on other occasions, such as: the school classes, ham radio club training, radio beacons, the room escape the game of Morse code theme. Simple and practical performance can be used in different countries to support international trade, provide the instructions in Chinese and english.

2Functional characteristics

1Hommization key layout design, operation is simple and fast, without the instructions can also be quick to get started.

2Can be connected to straight keypaddle keybedbugs key to automatic learning,It can automatic identification input key types, Suitable for different stages a start to learn,the operator to quickly master the CW morse code skills.

3The volume and tone of the cable can be adjusted, which can be put out or to the earphone. Can simulate the output of audio or switch to UV radio or HF short wave radio transmitter.

4It can memory storage, play the input CW morse code message, can call the message output audio and switch.

5Can be connected to the 5V mobile phone Android charger for power supply, but also can be connected to Android mobile phone charging for a long time outdoor power supply.

6Internal chips use low power dissipation components, the minimum can be stable operation in the case of DC 3.3V power supply. In outdoor work for a long time, Can be use of Morse code as exercises or beacons.

7Can be used as a radio direction finding game signal source, any edit message and playback order, cycle operation, connect the UV radio or HF shortwave radio for transmitting signals.

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