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This is a very fine example of DJG-K4 Morse code key, which is in excellent to almost new condition. It looks as though the mounting holes may have been beveled out a little. You make the hook up cables here in my shop. Key would be a really nice addition to any collection. Therefore, please do not replace your broken parts with my known good parts.


- Manufacturing process: Electroplating polishing

- Connector specification: 6.5 audio head (include 6.5-3.5 adapter)

- Key size: 122X67X57 (not including outstanding grip size)

- Contact material: Silver

- Packaging weight: 1.3KG

- Packing box size: 175X90X65mm

Package List:

- 1 x straight key

  1 x 6.5-3.5 adapter

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