CA-UHV car antenna multi band 7/14/21/28MHz
Name: CA-UHV Car Shortwave AntennaFeatures: This section is close to the bottom of the antenna, whic..
CR-8900 car antenna multi band 29/50/145/435MHz
Product Name: CR-8900Parameter introduction:Frequency range: 29 (29.6-29.7 effect) / 50/145/435MHzLe..
HA750W car antenna  multi band 7~54MHz
Parameter introduction:Band: 7-54MHz Receive/transmit (3-70MHz reception)  Standing wave ratio:..
HF-10FX   10meters  car antenna 29.6-29.7MHz
Parameter introduction:Product Name: HF-10FXFrequency band: 29.6-29.7MHz Length: 116cmWeight: 2..
HF-2040L car antenna 7.000-7.100MHz/14.000-14.350MHz
Parameter introduction:Product Name Model: HF-2040L Double-band short-wave car antennaFrequency rang..
HF-20CL 20meter car antenna 14.000-14.350MHz
Parameter introduction:Frequency range: 14.000-14.350MHz Receive/transmitSWR: <1.5Power support: ..
HF-20FX 20meter car antenna 14.000-14.350MHz
Parameter introduction:Parameter introduction:Frequency range: 14.000-14.350MHzSWR: <1.5Power sup..
HF-40CL 40meter car antenna 7.000-7.100MHz
Parameter introduction:Product Name Model: HF-40CLFrequency of use: 7.000-7.100MHz Receive/transmitS..
HF-40FX 40meter car antenna 7.000-7.100MHz
Parameter introduction:Name: HF-40FX Car Shortwave AntennaFrequency range: 7.000-7.100MHzSWR: <1...
HF-60CL car antenna 5351.5~5366.5KHz
Parameter introduction:Product Name Model: HF-60CL Vehicle Shortwave AntennaFrequency range: 5351.5 ..
UHV4 car antenna 28-29(29.6)/50/145/435MHz
Parameter introduction:Name: UHV-4 Four Band car AntennaFrequency band: 28-29 (29.6) / 50 / 145 / 43..
UHV5  car antenna multi band 7/21/50/145/435MHz
Features: exquisite workmanship, near the bottom of the antenna can be tortuous, 7/21/50MHz three fr..
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